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I've been meaning to update for a while. My job at For Profit of which I may Speak No Evil (per our severance agreement) ended in August. I decided to apply to grad schools for 2013, and I have been studying for the GRE general and subject tests. I decided to take a couple of rhetoric/ composition classes at the local University to give me some grounding in the discipline and recent writing samples. I have loved being back in school, though even with homework, I had a lot of time on my hands during the day.

And then I got an email this weekend from the Community College I did not get the job from in May. Seems the dept chair spotted my resume in their adjunct pool and wanted to see if I would be interested in teaching just one class for them, starting Oct 10. I, of course, said yes.

Then today, after a couple of emails back and forth hammering out logistics, the dept chair asked me to give her a call.

Seems they just had a resignation and need to fill a full time position fairly immediately. Since I was so strong a candidate before that they wanted to hire us both, the Provost suggested seeing if I would still be interested in teaching for them full time.


It's not a done deal yet, but it looks promising. Ironically, the past month of independent and classroom study have given me so many new ideas for how to be a better teacher. They're actually going to get a way better Comp and Lit teacher now than they would have had they hired me last May. Painful at the time, but it's worked out better for everyone, I think.

And I can't sleep. Feel all achy and meh. Hope I'm not coming down with something.

And-- Sarah Rees Brennan's new book comes out today: Unspoken. If it's as good as her other stuff, it should be well worth a read.

And-- my eldest son is starting at the same community college I may be joining, on Oct. 10th. He's taking basic English, having missed the cutoff on the Compass test by one point. But I am very proud of him, and all the kids in fact are doing very well. I saw the youngest two on their respective 15th and 13th birthdays this past month and a half.

Greetings and good wishes to all.

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Applause! Good luck!

Sometimes, the universe has a way of arranging things so that you end up where you are supposed to be. Here's hoping that this is a great success for you.

Awesome!!! :) Good luck with everything!

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