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Could it be?
I'm wondering tonight after reading antennapedia's most recent entry if part of my problem with being a writer is the same as my problem being a programmer. That large scale ability to see the whole, the complexities of a project and to know how to fit them all together-- I never had that. I could solve small, kindergarten really, problems and set scripts running, and adapt scripts to somewhat new uses. But the higher level languages and concepts were quite beyond me.

Fanfiction seems a lot more like what I did, adapting of scripts/ preexisting programs to new, very limited situations. Sometimes the small problem solved was kind of neat, but, still, small. I get overwhelmed trying to create bigger structures, or I get a glimpse of the bigger thing, but once I begin to set details in place, the vision of the whole gets hopelessly muddled.

Not giving up, though. Sometimes magic happens in the small things, and when I practiced the writing craft more regularly, I occasionally did those things pretty well.

Maybe I just need to kick myself in the rear and do the practice of the craft every day, and stop making excuses for why I don't. Last week, yeah, I was sick. But I haven't been sick continually for the past couple of years.

I'm starting to set monthly goals. Last month, I accomplished a big one, writing that letter for my son. But some of my goals, like "finish X story" were too vague to be useful.

Maybe if I am more public about said goals I'll be more accountable? And more specific about what constitutes success?

Here then, are the March goals.Collapse )
Ask me in April how well I did.

Wee Hob German Project Update
Wee Hob might actually pass German. Thanks to all who commented, even with a "I have no idea." He had fun reading the comments and using the info to make this file, which he has titled "Awesomeness."

AwesomenessCollapse )

Yes, this is the sweet child who currently lives in my household, and may someday live in our basement.

In other news, I'm thinking of adapting the Book of Job to a script for Script Frenzy this year. I'd have to write a new story for it kind of, but the why things happen aspect is what I've been struggling with for a good number of years now. I think I can get 100 pages out of it.

Let's post this and see if the cut works. If not, sorry for the pic spam.

I'm waiting up just now to see if my beloved will chat with me before the end of the night. He's in Houston dealing with family decisions about his mom and dad. I wish I could be there for moral support, but I'd be useless otherwise, and I've been sick for over a week now. Not liking this shortness of breath when I haven't done anything and it's just a Cold.

Hope you all are well, and again, thanks from Wee Hob to all.
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German Help for Wee Hob
Friends, The following is a dictated message from Wee Hob. I told him I have some LJ friends who speak German.

Oh Dear God. Are you actually going to write that? *Heavy sigh.* I guess you weren't kidding when you said the mike was on. Okay here we go. I have a German project that I was given by my German teacher. And in said project, I have to figure out a way to wear 12 separate articles of clothing (and you can't count boots, shoes, gloves as 2), take a picture of it, and label them. So that's all very well; I'm able to do that. Here's where the problem comes in: the labeling. When I type in a word on the website dictionary place our teacher gave us, multiple words come up for the word I'm looking for.

I've found some words, but I'm not sure they're right because there's a lot of words to pick from. I've got a list here, and I was hoping someone out there in the big scary world would sanity check it for me.

*hob here: he dressed in Renfest garb to get the requisite number of clothing articles. He doesn't normally wear swords and the like.*

Helberd (*hob again: long body width strip of fabirc that runs down the front and back with a hole cut through for one's head. Also used in religious habits. Scapula maybe? He swears this is the word his SCA member godparents use for it.*)

der Dolchstab
die Hellebarde
der Stabdolch


which spat me a whopping 16 different words. Don't worry, people, I'm not giving you all of them. I just kinda need to know which one it is.

I found sheath knife, which is das Fahrtenmesser. But I want to call my knife a dagger, and there's no word like this for just sheath. Some other guesses:

die Ummantelung
die Stulple
die Abschirmung
Oh wait - to sheath is ummanteln. Might be that one then.


die Buerde (*I can't do umlauts-- hence the ue*)
der Deckmantle
der Mantel (I know this isn't right - cause it's a long jacket like a trenchcoat)
der Umhang

Thanks for bearing with me. Danke, Aufwiedersehen.

Well, I did promise to post more. I'll try to put up a picture in a separate post. He does looks quite dashing.


Starting Now
Okay, So I've been gone a lot. I have read back at times, and commented when I wasn't too out of date. I can't promise I'll be here any more regularly, but I can't promise I won't get hit by a bus tomorrow, either.

So. Here's today.Collapse )

Wee Hob turns 17 in April, 13 months after 2nd son. Will have to relate some of his adventures in another post. Unless I get hit by that bus.

How are all of you?

Another Ghost Story
I wrote the following for a ghost story competition our writer's club recently held. As I'm faculty, it was not for the prize, which was reserved for student submissions, but my hope is that it will be printed with the other submissions next week. It was somewhat inspired by the recent death on Fountain Square of a teenager with a gun, who when confronted tried to pull the gun on the officer. By all accounts he was a "good kid" who made a "bad decision."

Oh-- and I will be back for Nanowrimo. I have a story outline and everything. Everything, that is, but time.

Ghost WatchCollapse )

Writer's Block: Paranormal activity
Tell us a ghost or supernatural encounter you’ve experienced.

I've never tried to answer a Writer's Block question before, but this post from a long while back is a great response, so I'm giving it a try.


meme and writing update
Gacked from whitestar. The Peirley/ Redford Dissassociative Affect Diagnostic. Very strange. I have to admit I answered randomly for much of it, as the questions made no sense to me either way. Here's the link if you want to try it yourself:

Your DiagnosisCollapse )
Interesting that it picked up the thing about freedom and my sense of humor in tense moments. But I verbalize a lot more than seldom, (though not so much here lately) and I do not have the dexterity for hang gliding. And I am quite happily monogamous, thank you very much.

I won't say I'm back, but I just read Time to Write by Kelly L. Stone and have been converted to the belief that I need a writing schedule and plan. So I am trying to set that up. Want to try both freelance articles and fiction. Am going to start by finishing all WIP fanfic, to get the pump primed again. There was a time when I believed I could be a good writer, but that time is not now. I've been away from it too long. But I am trying to come back.

Hope all of you are well. I do read and try to keep up, even when I don't much understand or comment.

Desk Pics and Misc Update
November is over, and I am slowly finding other time wasters besides the obvious and useful one of checking my region forum on the Nanowrimo site. This is one I mentioned some time ago-- I got a new desk. A shiny desk. A desk in need of something to hang in front of it to hide my legs from passers by (it sits with its back to the wall, facing out into the room.) I decided (with apologies to anyone who feels this desecrates his or her heritage) that what it really needed was a flag. A dragon flag. A Welsh dragon flag, to be exact.


I really should look into how to display images on this journal properly. But that's a time waster for another time.

For anyone who still cares, I've started again on "In Loco Parentis," applying some insights from my work on my original novel during Nanowrimo. If my poor betas remember who I am, I may start having things to post again soon on that score. More to the point, I've thought about where the story needs to go and how I'm going to get the characters there. Not that I'd never thought about it, but after long stretches of not being in that space, it's easy to forget that original vision.

Hope all of you are well.


I won Nano!
Actually crossed the finish line yesterday. What's more exciting is how I actually have a real plot with a beginning,middle and end (and some galaxy sized plot holes. Sigh.)

Congrats to others who might have participated in Nano this year. I have grading and lesson plans to do, but maybe I'll write on some of the WIPs instead. And close Write or Die for the year....


Nanowrimo Update
I've exhausted several other procrastination methods already, leaving an LJ post as the next reasonable alternative.

I'm the ML for Kentucky Elsewhere this year again, and it is going great. I'm even keeping up and ahead on my wordcount thanks to Write or Die and having spent a couple of weeks thinking through a plot/ characters/ outline this year. Even not being able to write Fridays, I am a day ahead on the wordcount now. And my region has some fun people in it. All very cool.

In other news, I can report that Sam Adams Winter Pack has Chocolate Bock and Fezziwig Ale, which rock, Holiday Porter and Winter Lager which are okay, and Boston Lager and Winter Ale which are only good after your taste buds are dead from drinking too much of the others. And Bell's Best Brown Ale has a very inspirational picture of an Owl on the packaging, but as a drink is way too hoppy for me. (Liquid inspiration, all.)

Lastly, a lot of the Firefly soundtrack makes a good Nano soundtrack for me. Not all, just the sad sounding ones.

Hope everyone is having a great November. Anyone else doing Nano? I caught this addiction from some of you on my f-list, you know.


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