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Dreamwidth is cool!
And-- that was easy. Thanks to friends who have already made the leap, I am not only over here happily ensconced at Dreamwidth, but my whole journal has been imported, too. Only grabbed one icon, although it looks like I get 15 on a free account. But that's okay, it got the only one I actually use, and one I no longer have on any hard drive anywhere I can find (I got it from a medieval manuscript somewhere on the web and have not been able to find it again to recreate it.)

Anyway, I'm looking at how to fix it so that I can read your LJs from there. There are a number of you that I'd like to keep in touch with.

This is mostly a test post so I can see what the crossposting will do. But as infrequently as I've been posting, twice in one day shouldn't cause many complaints.

However, if you have a complaint (or even if you don't) feel free to comment so I can test that feature, too.

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I know that everyone else HATES it - but I like the new lj friends page. I never bothered to do any personalization of my lj or flist, so its not a big deal to switch AND I love the little tab that tells me how many new posts there are.

Somehow I've always missed the ads too, which I'm very grateful for.

ANYWAY - glad you aren't going to disappear from my life!

I'm thinking of doing the same. Why do they have to meddle with something that isn't broke.

But then, I'm also tired of having to deal with new versions of Windows.

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