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I'm just posting this to say that I'm moving my online presence to Dreamwidth. As soon as I figure out how to move my content over there, I will, probably after Nanowrimo is over (and finals.) I have created an account as hobgoblinn over there, same as here, although there is as yet no post in it. Maybe I'll rectify that this weekend.

I think some of you crosspost here from Dreamwidth, so if anyone would like to share advice or experiences, please do.

My main reason for this is I'm getting tired of all the spam comments on my old posts, and the taking away of paid accounts and other actions by the PTB just seem like things I don't want to tolerate when I don't have to.

So, I will still check in from time to time here until my account reverts to a free one next Spring, I think. I will give plenty of advance notice if I decide to completely pull the plug on this account.

In hobgoblinn news, my job continues to be wonderful, and I have taken both the GRE general and subject (English Lit) tests. Other than math being as expected horrible, I think I did quite well on the others, enough that I probably don't have to retake any of them to get into a doc program if I want to fill my summers with that in a year or two.

And Wee Hob is being a Senior. At least his Senior moments involve lack of homework and nothing more serious. And my beloved is still wonderful.

I better get back to my write in. Can any of this count for word count, do you think? I am so far behind!

Love to all.

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Crossposting from DW is so easy you don't even have to do anything besides set it up once. For me, if I want to post something, I always do it through DW and there's a box that is automatically checked that crossposts it to LJ.

I'll look for you on DW and add you!

Good luck on NaNo! What sort of thing are you writing about this year?

DW has an importer that will move all your content over. It doesn't work as well now as it has in the past because LJ has changed some of their code, but it should still work well enough to get you transferred over. You really do want to watch the official communities, because they are good about telling us what's going on behind the scenes.

Crossposting is really easy, once you link accounts (as you have to do to import your old stuff) you can check a ticky box to have it import over here accidentally.

I would love to have you on DW--it's my primary home, and I much prefer it--but fair warning, DW gets spam too (although generally a lot less). The best way of avoiding spam on any blogging service? Turn off anonymous commenting

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