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More new job details
What a week. I went to new hire orientation Thursday to pick up all my benefits forms and other materials, then went to see my new boss and meet some of my colleagues. All full time faculty have to be course manager for something. Since I have a computer background, they're giving me an online course that is an unholy mess. They know it's a mess, so I'm not expected to fix it overnight, but if I can make any improvements at all they will be quite happy. I get a week to take care of administrative stuff, then 3 shadowing the person I'm taking over for. I start on my own with those classes and a new class of my own in October.

The truly cool thing is, I can take courses at any Kentucky college or University for *free*. The classes I'm in now are already paid for, but after that, they will pick up the tab, up front, no minimum grade requirement or reimbursement needed. If I can get into University of Louisville, I can get my PhD in Rhetoric and Composition (only place in Kentucky that offers the degree.) Or I can take courses at NKU and take Master's certificates in Rhetoric and Composition and Professional Writing, both of which interest me. I can even take 18 hours in another discipline, like Music, and be able to teach classes in that. I might be able to start a chorus or glee club and eventually be able to offer a for credit class in that, or just basic Music Appreciation/ History.

It is so weird how life works out. This kind of situation is exactly what I wanted to do with my life when I left Austin College in 1988. Was a long and winding road, but here I am.

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Does this mean you're an acafan now? :)

That would be cool if you got to teach a music class. I hope you get the opportunity to do it. You should totally teach a class on fanfiction, too!

acafan? Am missing the reference.

I hadn't thought of the fanfic angle, but I bet in a few years I could propose it and get away with it. We'll see.

acafan = academic fan.

I'm starting to think maybe I can shoehorn fandom into my research interests. Only time will tell!

Well, I don't know, but there's a certificate on my boss' wall about a class she team taught with my predecessor on the Social Psychology of Harry Potter. So it's possible I could develop a course in fandom if I wanted.

I smell an angelic intervention.

Sometimes, they yank you out of the situation you're in and put you in the place where you can find what you need in life. There's no way to know it until you are in the middle of it.

I'm so glad for you!

Yay! I love it when things work out for the best like this. There has to be some compensation for all the times things suck.

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