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Life Changes
Perhaps if I describe my current situation, it will both explain and excuse my long silence. My school is closing (not a shock) and I find myself unemployed. My Husband's mother passed away just before my last week, and as a result I ended up taking all the personal time I would have lost to be with him and help make arrangements. So I ended up working only 1 day my last week. I went in today and cleaned out my belongings and tied up all loose ends.

If I can navigate the Unemployment Maze, I will not be opposed by the Company, of which I am not allowed to speak any ill, per my severance agreement. And, scariest of all: I'm enrolled in graduate classes at NKU starting Monday.

My initial idea when this happened was I should go back and earn a PhD in Comp and Rhetoric. I want to teach writing in a Community or small college. I never want to teach in a For-Profit Institution again. I am fairly flexible about where I live and while I'd like full time, I could handle some adjunct work. I wasn't finding even that this summer, when I was so desperately looking.

It's far to late to apply for 2012 PhD programs, so I'm shooting for 2013. I'm studying for the GRE general and subject tests. I was just going to audit some classes at Northern Kentucky University, which has a MA in English and is 10 minutes from my house, but I found I could get financial aid to apply as a MA candidate, and they accepted me on very short notice. I am hoping to get to teach real freshman Comp classes in the Spring in return for a tuition waiver. It's valuable experience, perhaps enough to get me in teaching somewhere if I don't get accepted to a PhD program immediately. I can probably finish the Certificate Program in Comp and Rhetoric by next Fall at the latest, which may also open more doors.

My severance covers the Fall Term, and I might still get a day teaching job of some kind. We should make it on unemployment for a while. I'm oddly less scared about that than about walking into a graduate seminar after 20 years away (I earned my MA in 1993 and actually finished taking classes in 1990).

Mostly, I'm excited to find there's now a niche for my interests in a way literary studies never offered. I have things to offer about writing, and I want to learn more about how it works. One of my classes is about Theories of Community Literacy. If nothing else, I'll have some specific answers next time I get in an interview about what I could offer not just to my students but to the discipline.

Anyway, I'm likely to be here at least once a week. One can only read theory, or check Facebook, or look at pictures of Cats so many hours a day. Will now go off to check the last few weeks/ months of the F-list.

Oh-- And Wee Hob is a Senior! I will have lots more time to redirect him now. He's being pretty tolerant so far of his crazy mom.

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If you want help with your statement of purpose, let me know! I've helped people in a bunch of different disciplines (and you are both a native English speaker and studying something vaguely related to my own field, which will make it easier than most).

Thanks. When I get to that, I'll definitely be in touch.

You'll do great! I'll send all kinds of positive energy your way!

If you want to teach writing in a community college then I strongly suggest you read a lot of http://suburbdad.blogspot.com.au/

It's the blog of a community college dean and he talks a lot about what CCs are looking for in staff.

Search for words like teaching and composition or just read the last 12 months or so.

Thanks for the link-- I added it to my google feed. Great stuff.

[hugs for the life-changes]

Sounds like one of those "one door closes and another one opens" situations. Good luck with everything.

I remember a few years ago when your posts were about desperation and unhappiness in your life. You are so far past that. In spite of unemployment, you've got a plan and others in your life who want you to be happy.

This post is so positive. May many more good things come your way.

Yay! Sounds like you have a lot changing, but in god ways.

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